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Bulding adaptive and cognitive systems
João Queiroz & Angelo Loula
pages 1-3
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Artificial Life:
Prospects of a Synthetic Biology
Jon Umerez
pages 4-16
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Interdisciplinary Engineering of Intelligent Systems. Some Methodological Issues
Gerd Doeben-Henisch, Ute Bauer-Wersing, Louwrence Erasmus, Ulrich
Schrader, and Matthias Wagner
pages 17-28
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Is Life Computable?
Anthony Chemero and
Michael T. Turvey
pages 29-37
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First steps toward a cognitive architecture based on adaptive automata
Joao Eduardo Kogler Junior and Reginaldo Inojosa Filho
pages 38-47
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An Emotional-Evolutionary Technique for Low-Level Goal Definition in a Multi-Purpose Artificial Creature
Patrícia de Toro, Ricardo Gudwin, and Mauro Miskulin
pages 48-59
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A Memory Model for Cognitive Agents
Guilherme Bittencourt
pages 60-76
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Intelligent agents capable of developing memory of their environment
Gul Muhammad Khan, Julian F. Miller, and David M. Halliday
pages 77-114
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